Global Freshman Academy

Course Promo Videos- Click the image to play the video.

 ASM246 – Human Origins with Dr. Donald Johanson.

 AST111 – Intro to Solar System Astronomy with Dr. Frank Timmes.

 CEE181 – Technological, Social, and Sustainable Systems with Dr. Dr. Brad Allenby.

 ENG101 – English Composition with Dr. Duane Roen

 ENG102 – English Composition: Research and Writing with Adam Pacton

 EXW100-Introduction to Health and Wellness with Dr. Punam Ohri-Vachaspati

 HST102 – History of Western Civilization with Dr. Ian Moulton.

 MAT117 – College Algebra and Problem Solving with Dr. Adrian Sannier and Sue McClure

 SOC101 – Intro to Sociology with Dr. Lisa Whitaker

 edX Promo Videos – Fall 2015

Program Director Introductions- Click the image to play the video.

 ASM246 Intro with Dr. Alexandra Brewis Slade

 AST111 Intro with Dr. Lindy Elkins-Tanton

 CEE181 Intro with Dr. Edd Gibson

 EXW100 Intro with Dr. Keith Lindor

 HST102 Intro with Dr. Duane Roen

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