Design Support

design support


ASU Online provides slide design support for all of its supported courses. You can submit your current slides and they will be reformatted and redesigned to look the same as all of the university style guide branding and also use optimal graphic design standards.

Submit your slides for redesign here.

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics can be produced by graphic designers for use as learning materials in your course. You can see some examples below such as: infographics, diagrams, illustrations, and others.

Submit a Request for Custom Graphics.

Slide Templates

Should you like to create your own presentations for use in ASU Online courses you can feel free to download and use the template for either Keynote or PowerPoint presentations. Please feel free to download and use the supplied master files.

Download Presentation Templates

Video Slate Template

A video slate is the still image graphic that shows before a video plays and usually identifies the video content. You can download the PSD file (requires Adobe Photoshop) to create your own video slates in the ASU template.

Download Video Slate Template

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