New Media Staff

Alisha earned her bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Phoenix. She is passionate about the limitless possibilities of telling ASU’s story to the world at large within her role as a Video Specialist. Alisha has previous experience working in higher education multimedia settings and has mastered the art of film, editing and motion graphics.


AndrewAndrew started working for ASU after spending nearly 8 years as a TV news multimedia videographer. During that time, he won an Emmy and an Edward R Murrow award for his work. He earned his Film degree from the University of Central Florida. Andrew also enjoys learning about emerging video production technology and film making styles.


GeremyGeremy is a Microbiology major at ASU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and works as a visual designer for EdPlus. His hobbies include painting and drawing. Besides art Geremy enjoys listening to all kinds of music and skateboarding.



Guy Mullins

Guy has over 25 years of experience in higher education media production with emphasis on research and documentary programming, online course media development, live and on-demand streaming events, and social media engagement. Professional interests involve incorporating the applied use of technology and media to enhance teaching, learning, and research in higher education. Related skills and interests include: visual ethnography, transmedia story telling, and data visualization.
Phone: 480-270-4GUY



Jeroel is a graphic and web designer graduated at Arizona State University. He first started working for EdPlus as a student graphic designer before he joined the team as a full-time employee. For Jeroel, it is an opportunity to use design as a way to help students connect, engage, and learn efficiently and effectively. When not designing, Jeroel spends his time playing guitar and writing original compositions.


justin-jan2017Justin Harding leads New Media design and production for ASU Online programs and EdPlus strategic projects. Working with a team of multimedia developers, digital media such as interactive learning materials, high definition education videos, and information visualization graphics contribute to an online learning platform that incorporates the latest in educational technology with learning theory and information design.



MichelleLanierDigital media artist, journalist, and filmmaker Michelle earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics and a Master of Arts degree in New Media Journalism. Some of her personal achievements include having her footage and face featured on two episodes of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Saudi Arabia and Philippines) and a front page featured video on CNN’s IReport that received over 20,000 views in 2 days.


robertRobert has worked in video production, graphic design, and photography and has been working in higher education for 13 years in various multimedia positions. He been a guest lecturer in Final Cut Pro or Photoshop workshops. Robert earned his BA from Grand Valley State University with a dual major in English Literature Creative Writing and Film Production. He has also studied Nutrition at the University of Arizona and currently holds many certifications in the fitness industry.




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