ASU Online ascribes to the specifications of the TEACH Act in its use of audio, video, and images in course content delivery.


The Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act is a provision of US Copyright law that regulates the use of copyrighted materials in distance education courses. It should not be confused with Fair Use which is another and separate provision of US Copyright law. Although the TEACH Act provides greater latitude regarding usage of media materials in distance education courses, it also is accompanied by enhanced stipulations in its implementation.copyright


Main benefits of the TEACH Act as noted by the American Library Association (ALA) are that “accredited, nonprofit educational institutions throughout the U.S. may use copyright protected materials in distance education–including on websites and by other digital means–without permission from the copyright owner and without payment of royalties” (2012, Introduction Para.1).

The TEACH Act is a great resource when licensing copyrighted material or obtaining permission to use copyrighted material is not a viable option.

ASU Online Teach Act Implementation

Below you will see the stipulations for using digital media in distance learning courses as protected by the TEACH Act, and how ASU and specifically ASU Online have implemented these requirements.

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A downloadable abbreviated version of this checklist is available here.

References: American Library Association. (2012). ALA Public Libraries Interest Group. Chicago, IL: Author. Retrieved March 28, 2012 at
“Limitations on Exclusive Rights: Exemption of Certain Performances and Displays” U.S. Code. Title 17, Sec.110 (2)

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