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This information will assist you and give you direction with ASU Online media and processes.

Accessibility [slide title=”Interactive Transcript User Guide”] [/slide] [slide title=”Closed Captioning User Guide for the Wistia Video Player”] [/slide] [slide title=”Creating Closed Captioning Using YouTube”] [/slide] TechSmith Relay [slide title=”Downloading and Using TechSmith Relay”] [/slide] MediaAMP Media Server [slide title=”MediaAmp in Blackboard”] [/slide] [slide title=”Inserting Your TechSmith Relay Videos in BlackBoard using MediaAmp”] [/slide] [slide title=”Adding MediaAMP to Blackboard Course Navigation”] [/slide] [slide title=”Sharing videos with MediaAMP”] [/slide] [slide title=”Embedding Videos in Blackboard with MediaAMP”] [/slide] Wistia Media Server [slide title=”Recording a Web Camera Video in Wistia”] [/slide] [slide title=”Uploading a Video to Wistia”] [/slide] [slide title=”Embedding a Wistia Video in your Course”] [/slide] YouTube [slide title=”Using YouTube in Blackboard”] [/slide] Zaption [slide title=”Zaption User Instructions”] Zaption User Instructions (PDF Link) Creating Zaptions with YouTube Videos (PDF Link) Setting Up Zaption in Blackboard (KB Link) Using Wistia Videos in Zaption (video below) [/slide]