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Post-Production /Editing

Edit Decision List (EDL)

What is an edit decision list? An edit decision list or EDL is a itemized list of video footage and associated time codes that work to either:
– Edit a long unedited or “raw” video file into a shorter finished video piece.
– Edit multiple videos together to create a finished video piece.
Purpose: The purpose of an edit decision list is when the person making the decisions for the content of a video (usually the subject matter expert/faculty) needs to relate that information to the person (media team) who will be editing the video.


Editing for Content – If an interview with a subject matter expert is shot, the client can take the “raw” or unedited video piece and make edit decisions using timecode to select the desired portions of the interview for the final piece.
Sample EDL when editing for content: Edit those responses together to create a subject related video with various expert responses. In this case you would identify the source video name and the time from that source as a segment of the video.

Sample EDL when editing multi-source videos:
Special Notes about multi-source editing: ** Media externally produced by ASU can not be incorporated into these types of videos. Only media that is internally produced by ASU or is available under certain Creative Commons or Public Domain licenses. ** Written permission from a copyright holder is acceptable to incorporate externally produced media.
Example: Asking that a YouTube video be edited into a video is not possible with respect to copyright law. 

1) Duplicate the EDL template to your Google Drive. * Must be signed in to Google Apps with your ASURITE *
2) Add the video /project name and your name
3) Enter in information such as media name, location, and in/out points along with any other notes.
4) Share your EDL document with your media editor