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Video Production Process for Global Freshman Academy Video

This resource will get you acquainted with the video production process including main stages, specific steps, descriptions, roles and responsibilities, and deliverables for steps. This image shows the five main stages of the video production. 5-stages-video-production  This illustration is meant to show the full stages and steps in the process (click to enlarge). video process 

You can also see the individual steps by using the drop down menus below.

[acordion] [slide title=CONSULTATION] 1_consultation_3 STAGE SUMMARY: At this point a meeting has occurred to discuss video services and products and then also possibly a studio tour to show the equipment and tools. Scheduling has been discussed and any special issues such as unavailable times (e.g., vacations) have been identified. Any desired location shoots have been discussed as well. The end result and deliverable is a media plan that lists all planned videos to be recorded and the type (e.g., studio, field) of the production. [/slide] [slide title=PRE-PRODUCTION] 2_pre-production_3 STAGE SUMMARY: At this point any media using visual content such as slides or images have been designed/developed. Any video without visuals might have a written out text script. The visual media has gone through a copyright check to ensure all media comes from the Creative Commons license or open source usage, it is paid for and licensed correctly, or can be used in accordance with Fair Use Copyright Law. The slides have been re-designed by the graphic designers for optimal visual presentation and also brand aspects. After the redesign stage the instructor or instructional design team will perform a quality check on the slides/images for any errors or issues. At this point any videos to be produced in the studio can move to the production stage, field videos will need a confirmation on the location and include permissions and any model releases for people outside of ASU to be filmed and used in the courses. [/slide] [slide title=PRODUCTION] 3_production_3STAGE SUMMARY: This stage contains the recording of video materials in the studio or in the field and then also the graphic design production for the video slates. [/slide] [slide title=POST-PRODUCTION] 4_post-production_3 STAGE SUMMARY:  Post-production entails taking raw or unfinished media and creating a complete video through editing. After the initial edit, the video is posted for review. Overall, the video will have (3) QA check points with the first in the initial edit, the second by the instructor and ID, and the third by a TA or student worker. Any issues or errors are reported on the edit list spreadsheet and updated versions are posted to the Wistia server for additional reviews. Videos are considered complete after finishing the post-production stage. [/slide] [slide title=PUBLISHING] 5_publishing_3STAGE SUMMARY: Videos are posted to the edX platform and then encoded by the YouTube video player. When videos are ready in YouTube the slates are added at that time. There is an automatic submission for videos to have captions and transcripts created when videos are ready in YouTube, however the captions must be manually added in the edX platform by the Instructional Designer. Completion of this stage results in a course ready video. [/slide] [/acordion] You can view the entire process in this Video Production Process.