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Studio recommendations

Here are recommendations for an optimal experience for your visit to the ASU Online New Media studio.

Step 1: Prepare your presentation materials.

studio-info We have two main systems in the studio for using presentation materials: a teleprompter for script based presentations and also a system for viewing slide presentations. Note: Using the teleprompter in the studio is an easy way to ensure that you address all of the points that you want to cover in your presentation. A little pre-planning goes a long way as in most instances people who use a script complete the presentation quicker than those who go “off the top of the head” and sometimes need to do multiple takes to get all of the pertinent information in the presentation.

Step 2: Submit your presentation materials.

If you are planning on using a script or slides for your video presentation please make sure they are submitted no later than 48 hours prior to your studio appointment. If your materials are not in at least 48 hours prior your appointment will need to be rescheduled. Slides Accepted file formats are: imgresMS PowerPoint (.PPT) If you have a file in any other format make sure to ask about its transfer to a supported format right away. ASU Online Slide Formatting brand-guideAll slide presentations should be in the ASU Online design template format. This design format is inline with general university branding but more importantly is optimized for merging graphic design principles with video presentations. Your slide presentations should be in this design format before making your studio appointment to record your presentation. Graphic design services are provided to help you get your slides in the correct format, please work with your assigned instructional designer from ASU Online to get your slides designed. Please provide a PDF version of your presentation slides for student learners to download and accompany your video. Images in Slides Also, very important, any images used in your presentation slides need to be one of the following:
  • owned by you – you have made this graphic image or photo
  • properly licensed from an image library such as a stock photography company
  • written permission from the copyright holder to use the image/graphic
  • used in accordance with Fair Use or the TEACH Act
Scripts Scripts are optional for your video presentation. Accepted file formats are:
  • txt-iconimgres-1Text based documents (.TXT)
  • MS Word documents (.DOC)
If you have a file in any other format make sure to ask about its transfer to a supported format right away. Below are a few sample introduction video scripts (usually the first video that you will be shooting). On average the videos are 2-5 minutes in length and besides general course information can cover aspects such as personal hobbies or professional background. See a few example videos on the media page of this website. Example Introductory Video Script #1 Example Introductory Video Script #2 Using a script and slides? Please make sure that your script is submitted in the following ASU Online Script with Slides Format.

Step 3: Know where the studios are located.

map header If you have not been to the studios take a few minutes and make yourself familiar with where they are located. There are very detailed directions to the studios on the locations page.

Other Important Aspects

  • Clothing – Wear darker colored clothing that does not have any tight patterns such as lines or patterns such as herringbone. Please avoid any green colors and white as well. The darker colors work better with our green screen video system.
  • Water – Bring water. Between the warmth of the studio lights and the vocal work of producing multiple takes of audio or video please bring a refreshing drink such as water.
  • Parking – If you are not located at the Tempe campus and require visitor parking the closest lots in order are: Apache Rd. visitor parking and then Rural Rd. visitor parking. There is a $2/hour cost to parking in the aforementioned garages. If you plan on being in the studio for less than an hour you can park at the ASU bookstore metered parking which is $2.00 for 60 mins of time. The meters only accept 1 dollar bills and debit/credit cards, no coins. There is no parking fee at the SkySong location. Please park in an uncovered spot in the lot that is just south of McDowell Rd.
  • Pre-production meeting – It is highly recommended that you schedule a preproduction meeting before you want to start your media production. This 30-minute meeting will give a quick tour of the studio and also help with media selection and planning for your project. Pre-production meetings and screen tests are mandatory for instructors using the virtual lecture studio with the LCD write pad.
  • Studio scheduling – Please plan ahead and schedule at least 2 weeks prior to when your media would be needed. Scheduling in the morning is also recommended as it is cooler during summer months in the studio temperature wise.
  • Material Submission – Please submit any materials such as scripts, PowerPoint presentations or other media at least 48 hours to your scheduled studio time to allow for processing into the studio system. If your materials are not in at least 48 hours prior your appointment will need to be rescheduled